Success Stories

From a widow coping with loss

“Dr. Jamie enabled me to come to terms with the loss of my husband and she helped me realize that I should be interested with making things happen that make me happy in my life and that it was okay to move forward with my life doing things differently than before without feeling guilty about it or feel as though I would forget my husband by leaving him behind.

Dr. Jamie has the ability to listen and to then apply her knowledge by offering me different views and ways to better approach, cope and deal with certain emotions and daily situations. She also helped me become more positive in my thinking which enabled me to accomplish daily functions better than I have been able to perform in the months prior. I also felt very comfortable in the waiting area and enjoyed the peaceful and tranquil environment and relaxing music. I Especially enjoyed looking at the soothing water fountain.”

From a client working on relationships & anger

“I must say that I was a complete skeptic prior to having met with Dr. Jamie Long about going to therapy. After having some issues in my relationship I decided to try it out. I attended the sessions by myself and must say that today, I have a better understanding on how to make relationships work and even more importantly I learned about what makes me tick and how I can improve myself. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. I am very thankful for the insight she has given me. I would recommend Dr. Jamie Long one hundred percent!”

From a client working on relationships & confidence

“Dr. Jamie was the first therapist I have ever seen. I went to Dr. Jamie because I was feeling depressed and down on myself and I couldn’t figure out why. Everything was going great for me professionally and personally but something was missing. I was nervous to go to a therapist because I figured my “issues” would seem so trivial. Dr. Jamie immediately put me at ease. Dr. Jamie challenged me to reflect on my childhood, to be conscious of how I portray myself to others, and to focus on what I really wanted. Dr. Jamie gave me practical tips on how to make myself a better version of me! All of Dr. Jamie’s advice and guidance really helped improve the way I view myself. I completed my sessions with Dr. Jamie feeling better than I ever have. I highly recommend Dr. Jamie and will continue to use her practical tips forever. I really appreciated that Dr. Jamie gave me practical tips on how to improve myself. I understand the importance of self reflection and getting to the root of issues but I also really needed some guidance on how to change and work around my issues. Dr. Jamie gave me that real world advice and it was (and continues to be) very helpful. I also appreciated Dr. Jamie’s schedule! Needing to schedule my sessions after 5:00pm is difficult and Dr. Jamie always accommodated me.”

From a client coping with Bipolar Disorder and addiction

“Dr. Jamie Long is a highly professional and motivational therapist. I have suffered with Bipolar Disorder and substance abuse for over twenty years. I am now alcohol and drug free for two years and off all psychiatric meds for eight months. I am now living back home comfortably and enjoying my family. I cannot thank her enough. She made me have hope in the future and helped me see how events in my past (traumas and avoiding uncomfortable feelings) had spiraled into substance abuse and suicidality.”

From a client coping with anxiety and insomnia

“[Dr. Jamie] made me realize I could handle my problems by learning what to do. For example, putting up a stop sign when I find my head dwelling on my problems. Also, sleeping without tv etc. I use her advice often. She was friendly, intelligent and made me feel at ease. Dr Jamie’s advice was very helpful.”

A client healing from a trauma

"I was recently facing a personal crisis and based on other testimonials I chose Dr. Jamie. Dr. Jamie provided insight into my specific issue that allowed me to understand, and then manage my emotions. I particularly appreciated the examples, studies, and stories she shared, which made the information provided more digestible. Overall my experience with Dr. Jamie was very rewarding; she helped me feel stronger after my traumatic event vs. crippled. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jamie to anyone who needs support, guidance, and perspective without judgment."

A client seeking personal growth

"Dr. Long was very helpful with her feedback, but also the way she would ask me what I thought about certain areas of concern or difficulty. I had situations that I would be involved with or had difficulty understanding "the why."
What I liked most about Dr. Long is she got me thinking and helped me to see things with a healthier mindset.
My sessions with Dr. Long were critical for me to develop a more open, less defensive mind, and to discover how to analyze first and not to lash out. I would strongly encourage anyone who is struggling to understand life or a particular situation to visit Dr. Long. I did and discovered it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has truly changed my life."

A client learning to manage anxiety & depression

"In my opinion, having trust in your psychologist, therapist, or counselor is the most important part of having a valuable experience in therapy. After my first session, I knew that Dr. Jamie's sole focus during our time together was to help me get better. Her attention to detail, her ability to read and adjust to mood, and her balance between providing valuable feedback and simply listening is nothing short of expert. Dr. Jamie is phenomenal at what she does and if you are going through a difficult time in your life, this is where you should start on your journey back to good health."

From a client coping with BPD and ED

“Dr Jamie has changed my life — or maybe I should say she helped me realize I could change my own life. She listens and validates, but still challenges me to make the improvements that need to be made. I can’t say enough good things about Dr Jamie! She always listens without judgment, yet still helps me realize that I need to challenge my own status quo. She has a gentle nature that I really appreciate.”

From a woman coping with BPD

“Dr. Jamie is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. Additionally, she always makes me feel like she is on my side and is able to offer me unbiased, objective feedback that I actually listen to and follow. I have Borderline Personality Disorder so most people are not able to do that. She is actually the first therapist I have had who is able to do that for me. Since seeing her my life has greatly improved. She is very astute and perceptive. She also does not make me feel like she is stereotyping me. I get a feeling from her when we talk of her sincerity and she never causes me to feel judged. I trust her completely.”

From a woman recovering from anorexia

“Dr. Jamie is one of the most insightful, caring, and compassionate individuals I have ever encountered. I first entered her office feeling hopeless and broken begone repair, and I can honestly say she saved my life. I am forever grateful to have encountered her in my journey to happiness.”

From a woman coping with break-up & depression

“The experience with Dr. Jamie has changed my life in amazing ways. She has given me guidance to better relationships between family, friends and a healthy way to evaluate future partners. I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her. When using her tools, suggestions and exercises I feel that I handle the stresses of life in a more calm, realistic way. Things just make sense now.The best gift Dr. Jamie has given me is the ability to work through issues and frustrations that I have held on to for years. She has an amazing knack for helping you address the issues and then move past in a way that relieves the guilt, shame or denial. Its like you are cleansed and starting a healthy, new life. I wish I knew her many, many years ago. For me the experience was the best thing I could do to better my life.”

From a woman recovering from an eating disorder

"Without a doubt, I am alive because I had Dr. Jamie as a therapist. I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for a solid year now and am healthy enough to go off to Graduate school. She helped me find myself and I will forever be grateful. She gave me the opportunity to help myself with her teaching me along the way.”

From a client coping with panic attacks and anxiety

“I am so happy with my choice of Dr Jamie. I found her to be very compassionate, caring and professional. She helped me immensely in a short period of time. I would highly recommend anyone seeking help to give her a try, She offers couples counseling as well. The office is lovely: very spacious and calming and centrally located. I found her experience vast and impressive. After my first session, I knew that I was in good hands.”

From a young professional who struggled with bulimia

"At my first appointment, I was truly lost. I was binging and purging up to 7 times a day. It was that bad. But as soon as I walked in Dr. Jamie's office, I felt that everything was going to be ok and that for the first time in 16 years, I had hope that I was going to take control over my life. It hasn't been an easy journey. Sometimes, I have to think of this as "one day at a time". Think that tomorrow will be better and that today was not a good day...that is all. During my recovery process, there were so many situations that came up, hurtful in instances, where I sincerely thought that I was going to lose control again. But everything I learned about me, about my strength, about my will to overcome this, pulled me through and showed me that there in fact is hope and that I can and will overcome this. It is not easy, it takes a lot of energy, will power, strength, and self love. The latter, I learned throughout all this. I had never loved myself. I was my biggest critic and my worst enemy...but when that changed, when I changed the way I looked at myself, then everything made sense. Why would I hurt the person I need to love the most? This is one of the many things Dr. Jamie showed me. I can't abuse me. I need to love myself. And now, I do.

To you that is out there wondering if you can do this: you can. Don't be your enemy, you are stronger than you think. You can get through this as long as you want it. Don't go at it thinking that you will fail. Just think, if I fall 10 times, I will get back up 11.

To me, the most important part of the treatment was that Dr. Jamie provided a very comfortable environment for me to open up about everything that was going on. I never felt judged. She was very welcoming since the first time I spoke to her over the phone to set up my first appointment. That it was ok to fail at times, that it was not the end of the world...of course, as long as we thought about what caused it and then adjust our behavior so that we wouldn't be on the same position again.

To you, Dr. Jamie: There are no words that can describe how eternally grateful I am to you. You showed me the beauty of self-love and how far it can take me. How my life has turned around is just amazing. I have been through big losses throughout this journey, but I did not lose myself. It is a working process, but I know I can do it. As I told you before, you saved my life, plain and simple. I know I did the work, but you guided me through it. Thank you.”
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