What is Fat Shaming? Are You a Shamer?

Weightism may be the last socially acceptable prejudice in our culture — occurring more frequently than gender, sexuality, age or religious discrimination. Are you guilty of fat shaming? Here’s more for why this needs to change.

How to Be More Positive: A Simple 5 Day Challenge

How To Be More Positive - Dr. Jamie Long (girl with balloons)

Many of us are overstimulated by negativity throughout our daily routine. It’s as if blinders cause all our attention to zero in on the stresses, inconveniences, and frustrations of daily life. Here’s a 5 day challenge to add more positivity.

New Bill Seeks to Regulate Photoshop Use in Ads

If the average consumer isn’t in-the-know about how many images are dramatically photoshopped — images often used to sell something — they might be accepted as an accurate portrayal of the human form. Read more why this is dangerous.

How Do I Know When I’m Hungry?

Dr. Jamie Long | Ft. Lauderdale Psychologist

Oftentimes food cravings caused by emotions are confused as physical hunger cues. Food is tangled with many emotions in our culture such as boredom, celebration, pleasure, reward, etc. Read more to learn the difference.

Instead of Sweating Over Weight Loss This Summer

Summer weight loss | Dr. Jamie Long

Fighting our body’s natural weight and size may begin as an innocuous effort to increase self-esteem yet can quickly unravel to a serious and potentially life-threatening illness. Nearly 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime.

How to Lose a Girl in 10 Ways

Dating Advice

Luke from Paul & Young Ron’s Morning Show needed advice for his love life and the radio act called in an expert to help put an end to his dating drought. Find out what happened after he received dating advice from Dr. Jamie Long.