Mindfully Merry: How to Stay Present this Holiday Season

mindfulness during the holiday season

The Holiday season can bring a mixed bag of emotions: excitement, cheer, stress, exhaustion and even guilt. With all that is happening this time of year, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. Want to stay present? Here are 3 tips.

Time Flies and Here’s Why

It’s (insert month/time of year here) already! Does it feel like time flies? Here’s the psychology behind the feeling of time passing by all too quickly.

The Power of Invalidation: 5 Things Not to Say

The Power of Validation | Dr. Jamie Long | Ft. Lauderdale Psychologist

Validation is a critical communication tool and expression of love and acceptance in relationships. It says I hear you. I see you. I care about your feelings. Its importance cannot be overstated. Read 5 things NOT to say when trying to be supportive.

5 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Stop Anxiety

How to stop anxiety | Anxiety therapy Fort Lauderdale

Stress and/or anxiety sabotages your confidence, turns your stomach into knots, disrupts your sleep and impacts your general well-being. Read how to squash the uncomfortable consequences of stress and anxiety with these 5 tips.