Mindfully Merry: How to Stay Present this Holiday Season

mindfulness during the holiday season

The Holiday season can bring a mixed bag of emotions: excitement, cheer, stress, exhaustion and even guilt. With all that is happening this time of year, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. Want to stay present? Here are 3 tips.

Time Flies and Here’s Why

It’s (insert month/time of year here) already! Does it feel like time flies? Here’s the psychology behind the feeling of time passing by all too quickly.

The Power of Invalidation: 5 Things Not to Say

The Power of Validation | Dr. Jamie Long | Ft. Lauderdale Psychologist

Validation is a critical communication tool and expression of love and acceptance in relationships. It says I hear you. I see you. I care about your feelings. Its importance cannot be overstated. Read 5 things NOT to say when trying to be supportive.

5 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Stop Anxiety

How to stop anxiety | Anxiety therapy Fort Lauderdale

Stress and/or anxiety sabotages your confidence, turns your stomach into knots, disrupts your sleep and impacts your general well-being. Read how to squash the uncomfortable consequences of stress and anxiety with these 5 tips.

Is Anxiety Keeping You Single? (F.E.A.R.)

Hate that you’re still single? “F.E.A.R.” could be sabotaging your love life and you don’t even know it. When anxiety, fear, or “ghosts of relationships past” get in they way of finding love, it’s time to nip it in the bud!

How To Choose A Therapist Who’s Right For You

two women in interview - drjamielong.com

Finding the right therapist-client match is a critical factor in determining how helpful therapy might be for a person. Aside from considering the personality and interests of a potential therapist, it’s important to know the credentials of who you are entrusting to provide care.

Three D’s to Body Esteem

Could you benefit from an improved relationship with food and body image? Learn the three D’s to improved body esteem.