Dr. Jamie Long, Psy.D.What's most important to me is that my clients receive superb mental health therapy delivered with utmost respect and sensitivity. As a licensed psychologist, I offer a full range of counseling services to adults, adolescents, couples and families. Thanks for visiting my website, I'm glad you're here. Please review the various pages to learn more about the therapy I offer and feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries. - Dr. Jamie (read more)

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Anxiety Disorder TreatmentAnxiety Disorder TreatmentAnxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety Therapy

Eating Disorder TreatmentEating Disorder TreatmentEating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Therapy

Depression Treatment, Bipolar TreatmentDepression Treatment, Bipolar TreatmentDepression Treatment, Bipolar Treatment

Depression Therapy

Psychological Therapy Services

Sexuality and GLBTQ Concerns
Grief and Loss
Stress and Anger Management
Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
Group Therapy


"The experience with Dr. Jamie has changed my life in amazing ways. She has given me guidance to better relationships between family, friends and a healthy way to evaluate future partners. I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her. When using her tools, suggestions and exercises I feel that I handle the stresses of life in a more calm, realistic way. Things just make sense now. The best gift Dr. Jamie has given me is the ability to work through issues and frustrations that I have held on to for years. She has an amazing knack for helping you address the issues and then move past in a way that relieves the guilt, shame or denial. It's like you are cleansed and starting a healthy, new life. I wish she had come along sooner...years and years sooner! For me the experience was the best thing I could do to better my life."–-Client healing from a break-up, depression and anxiety"

"Dr. Jamie is a professional and highly motivational therapist. I have suffered with bipolar disorder and substance abuse for over twenty years. I am now alcohol and drug free for two years and off all psychiatric meds for eight months. She made me have hope in the future and she helped me see how events in my past (past traumas and avoiding uncomfortable feelings) spiraled into substance abuse and suicidality. I am now comfortably living back in New Jersey and enjoying my family. I cannot thank her enough."–"Chris"

"Dr. Jamie is one of the most insightful, caring, and compassionate individuals I have ever encountered. I first entered her office feeling hopeless and broken beyond repair, and I can honestly say she saved my life. I felt so at ease and as if there was never any judgement around the information I shared with her. I am forever grateful to have encountered her in my journey to happiness."–An Eating Disorder & Trauma Survivor

"Dr. Jamie was friendly, intelligent and made me feel at ease. She made me realize I could handle my problems by learning what to do, I use her advice often."–An Anxiety & Insomnia Client

"In today's saturated market of various mental health professionals, it is difficult to wade through the selling points to find a compassionate and dedicated true professional. That is exactly what you will find with Dr. Long. The idea of therapy seemed like a daunting journey, but Dr. Long was a strong ally providing the perfect combination of guidance and understanding."–A Successful Professional Maintaining Recovery

"Dr. Jamie was non-judgmental, easy to talk to, provided helpful information and feedback." –From a client in couples therapy



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